Michael Puterbaugh

Agent/Advisor - HOF Player RepresentativesThe term “sports agent” has an earned scarlet letter. But convention is tossed aside with Mike. A soft-spoken corporate attorney from sleepy Canton, OH, Mike’s living his dream of being a sports agent and doing it the right way. He readily admits he’ll never be one of the big guns in the industry – but he doesn’t want to be. He views his athletes as family and helping his clients make it big is all the reward he needs.

Greg “Tripp” Linton

Agent/Advisor - HOF Player RepresentativesThough similar in strategy and mindset, Mike Puterbaugh and Greg “Tripp” Linton have extremely different personalities. Mike is soft-spoken and reserved, whereas Tripp is outgoing and animated. Tripp was able to use his connections at the University of Kentucky to secure three Wildcat standouts and gain credibility in the industry. Tripp shares Mike’s vision of creating an agency based upon honesty and the ability to look yourself in the eye at the end of the day. On draft day, will that refreshing take on the often corrupt world of professional sports pay off for him and his clients?