Evan Marshall

DirectorLate Rounders is Evan Marshall’s directorial debut but he is no novice to the world of storytelling. For the better part of twenty years, Evan has taken his storytelling skills and innovative visual look to the small screen. From his time working with the long-running network show America’s Most Wanted, to his true love of sports, when Evan is involved in a production, you know you are getting something unique.
What they’re saying about Evan Marshall:"In the past 10 years I have never worked with a more detail oriented, diligent and hard-working field producer/directors, who is also charismatic and a pleasure to work with in any situation. He has a cameraman's eye which is a rarity to encounter with someone in his position.”
Israel Cardoza- President/CEO, Hardline Digital Television, LLC

“I've worked with hundreds of producers over the years, and creatively Evan Marshall is the best of the best. Every time Evan calls me for a job, he asks me, "What can we do differently this time to give this shoot an interesting look?" It's that type of thinking that sets an individual apart in this crowded business. I appreciate Evan's excellent story instincts and clear vision, and because of these qualities, he pushes me every time I walk on a job site to get the most creative images possible.”
Cody Shimek- Director of Photography, Media Men

"Sometimes you have to choose between finding the visually creative producer, or the clever storyteller, or the hard-bitten news hound. And then sometimes you find someone who is all of those things. That's Evan. They don't come any better.
"Phil Lerman Former Executive Producer, "America's Most Wanted"