In a recent study, 35% of Americans named football as their favorite sport.  A distant second was baseball, with 16% of the vote.  What is it about the

game that captivates so many?  In the film Late Rounders, director Evan Marshall is determined to answer that question as he explores what happens

behind the scenes of the most popular game in the land.


In the multi-billion dollar world that is the NFL, finding a player to relate to can be a challenge for the average fan, who quickly loses interest in a player’s

struggles and triumphs when hearing about $50 million signing bonuses. But what happens when cameras are present to document the road the

unheralded players take?  On draft day, everything is at stake. There will be those unfortunate players who don’t make the team and are faced to live in a

world without football for the first time in their lives.


The film follows a group of college football stand-outs as they begin their quest to make the 53-man roster of an NFL football team.  Corey Peters, Aaron

Morgan, Alfonso Smith, John Conner, and Ray Fisher come from different backgrounds yet share a common bond. Their personal stories come together

inside a Kentucky sports bar on the biggest day of their lives – draft day – as cameras capture every win, every loss, and every moment in their struggle to

become Late Rounders.